About Us

The Aims of the Society are:

To promote interest in and study of Thomas Merton and his concerns.

To encourage the formation of local groups or chapters of the Society.

To organise national meetings of the Society.

To encourage the publication of works by or about Thomas Merton in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

To issue twice yearly The Merton Journal, containing articles, book reviews and other information of interest to the members of the Society.

The Patrons of the Society:

Dr Rowan Williams                            Canon David Scott

Esther de Waal                                 Metropolitan Kallistos Ware

Reverend Mother Mary Luke CHC       Reverend Canon Lucy Winkett

Biographical details of our Patrons may be viewed here.


The constitution of the Society may be downloaded here (pdf).

The Members of the Committee are: 

Maureen Pickering, Chester (Chair)     

Elizabeth Holmes, Worthing                          Liz Hanvey, Winchester

Stephen Dunhill, Berwick upon Tweed           Patricia Higgins, London

Anthony Purvis, Milton Keynes                      Emily Miller, London