The Thomas Merton Society
of Great Britain & Ireland

Since 1993, The Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain & Ireland has been at the forefront of exploring the life & writings of Merton and his impact on the contemporary world, with conferences, retreats and the publication of the Merton Journal.

Oakham Conference 2018
Our 2018 Residential Conference, fifty years after Merton's death in December, 1968,
was held at Oakham School at the start of April. The theme of the conference was:
Facing the Life-and-Death Issues

The keynote speakers were  Pat Gaffney  & Gordon Oyer

There were further 10 presenters of papers. The conference artist was Ric Stott

     2018 Conference Programme          

The Merton Collection

Over the years the Society has built up a comprehensive collection of books, journals and volumes of letters by Merton along with a wide range of critical commentaries on Merton's work as well as recordings of talks and conferences given by Merton. The collection is now housed at St Michael's Priory, Willen outside Milton Keynes, where it may be freely consulted by all.

St Michael's Priory website          Details about the Collection          Link to the Merton Collection

Dates for your diary

Alive to the Splendour:
A Weekend with Thomas Merton

Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th June 2018

Led by Stephen Dunhill, Canon John McLuckie & Canon Anne Tomlinson

It will be held at The Cathedral of the Isles on The Isle of Cumbrae in the Forth of Clyde,
a 10 minute ferry ride from Largs, 35 miles west of Glasgow.

Further Details

Thomas Merton: Prophecy and Renewal

Tuesday 12th - Friday 15th June 2018

A Residential Symposium held at Sant'Anselmo, Rome

Keynote Speakers: Dr Paul M. Pearson & Michael Casey OCSO

By the time of his death in 1968, Thomas Merton’s writings had amply illustrated his expansive interests, experience and faith. As a practicing monk, he also had taken part in the social movements of the time by writing books on the monastic experience and its relationship to peace, nonviolence, racial inclusiveness and world justice. Pope Francis recently named him one of four great Americans. Fifty years after his death, we may well ask: How does Merton’s legacy remain relevant today?

Further Details

Merton & Barth – A Shared Legacy

Saturday 24 November 2018

A study day held at St Michael’s Priory, Milton Keynes

The Catholic monk and writer Thomas Merton and the Protestant theologian Karl Barth both died
on December 10th, 1968. From their differing backgrounds both have since emerged as extremely
influential figures, shaping both twentieth-century Christian thought and yet remaining
increasingly relevant to our present times.

with Gary Hall & Ashley Cocksworth

 This event is in an advanced stage of planning. Full details will be included in due course.

The Spiritual Roots of Protest & Merton's Enduring Legacy

Saturday 8 December 2018

A study day held at The Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh

led by Jim Forest

Jim Forest has been a tireless worker for peace since the early 1960s. He was a co-founder of the
Catholic Peace Fellowship in the 1960s while serving alongside Dorothy Day as managing editor of
The Catholic Worker. He is one of the few people still living who knew Merton as a friend and co-worker.

with  James Cronin, Hugh Foy, Leah Robinson  Jeffrey Smith

This events is in an advanced stage of planning. Full details will be included in due course.

Selected Recent Publications

Thomas Merton Meets the Unspeakable:
Rendezvous in Thailand

by Jerome Donovan - pub. 1 May 2018

Publisher's Details                    Amazon Link 


What I Am Living For: Lessons for life
from the Life and Writings of Thomas Merton

by Jon M. Seeney - pub. 30 April 2018 

Publisher's Details                  Amazon Link


 The Monk's Record Player: Thomas Merton, Bob Dylan
and the Perilous Summer of 1966

by Robert Hudson - pub. 30 April 2018

Publisher's Details                Amazon Link


 Merton's Palace of Nowhere: 40th Anniversary Edition

by James Finley - 30 March 2018

Publisher's Details                Amazon Link


The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton:
An Investigation

by Hugh Turley & David Martin - pub.  7 March 2018

Publisher's Details               Amazon link 


 The Art of Thomas Merton:
A Divine Passion in Word and Vision

by John Moses - pub. 13 February 2018

Publisher's Details              Amazon Link


At Play in the Lion's Den:
A Biography and Memoir of Daniel Berrigan

by Jim Forest - pub. 30 December 2017

Publisher's Details                Amazon Link


The Spirit of Simplicity by Jean-Baptiste Chautard
Translated and Annotated by Thomas Merton 

 pub. 10 November 2017

Publisher's Details                Amazon Link


From the Monastery to the World:
The Letters of Thomas Merton & Ernesto Cardenal

ed Jessie Sandoval - pub. 26 September 2017

Publisher's Details                Amazon Link


The Pocket Thomas Merton
 (Shambhala Pocket library)

ed Robert Inchausti - pub. 20 August 2017

Publisher's Details                Amazon Link


A Course in Christian Mysticism:
 Lectures to Trappist Novices

by Thomas Merton - pub. 15 August 2017

Publisher's Details                Amazon Link


Merton and the Protestant Tradition
 (The Fons Vitae Thomas Merton series)

by William O Pausel - pub. 1 July 2017

Publisher's Details                Amazon Link


 The ABCs of Thomas Merton:
A Monk at the Heart of the World

by Gregory & Eliabeth Ryan - pub. 10 June 2017

Publisher's Details                  Amazon Link


Pure Act: The Uncommon Life of Robert Lax

by Michael N. McGregor  - pub. 1 May 2017

Publisher's Details              Amazon link



Natural Spirituality, Thomas Merton and Christian Renewal 

by Kenneth Bragan - pub. 12 April 2017

Publisher's Details                   Amazon Link


The Way of the Hermit

by Mario I Aguilar - pub. 21 March 2017 

Publisher's Details                       Amazon Link


The Only Mind Worth Having:
Thomas Merton and the Child Mind

by Fiona Gardner - pbk. pub. 29 Nov 2016

Publisher's Details                 Amazon Link


Our Centenary Edition of The Merton Journal, Universal Vision, is an enlarged volume of 200 pages with contributors from across Europe. It explores Merton's profound legacy in a unique collection of essays and meditations; and it also includes some of Merton's own newly-discovered student articles from his time at Cambridge University in 1933-34.  

All members receive copies of the Journal. Further copies are available for £8.99 +P&P. Contact for further details.

Further recent publications can be found under the 'Publications' tab

Returning to Reality

by Phillip M. Thompson

Thomas Merton's Wisdom for a Technological Age

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Review by James Cronin